Around a week ago we took part in the Techority 48 Hour Challenge and we are very happy to say that earlier today we were announced as the winners with The Hauntening.

After seeing screenshots and videos of some of the entrants it is clear that it was a close race and that it will have been a difficult job to judge. 

We want to thank Peach for setting up the competition and all of her hard work as well as Robert Nay and Nicholas Golden for judging.

We decided that no matter what the result of the competition was we wanted to release The Hauntening and so have already submitted it to Apple a few days ago. Hopefully it won’t take too long to be approved.

Once it is available on the App Store we will be giving away our copy of Lime to the first person that completes the game and can prove it. Please send us an email as to not give the ending away to anyone else.

I’m not really a fan of writing so will keep this post short, please check out The Hantening on its page here.