Okay, this isn’t so much of a new game announcement, as a name change announcement. The project we’ve been working on over the last few months, which was originally called The Bunker, has now been renamed All That Remains. Apparently, ‘The Bunker’ already exists.

All That Remains is a game set in a bunker, surprisingly. You play Campbell, a young American with ambitions of becoming a genius biological scientist, like his father. Your father, besides being a master of his field, is also a paranoid but prepared individual. With the potential of nuclear war looming and many other potential disasters not far from fruition, he spent 5 years of his life creating a nuclear bunker not far from the family home. You wake up one day, groggy and dazed, in this very bunker. Why did he bring you here? Why are the last 12 hours absent from your memory? Your father has now locked you in the heavily fortified dwelling and left, but why?

Luckily for you, Clara, your kid sister, is there for company, if only via radio. She warns you of something serious happening outside. Your father had only left you in the bunker alone while he went back for her. That was nearly 3 hours ago. She asks if you can come and rescue her, but can you escape the bunker before it’s too late?


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