First off, I’d like write a short update re: Glitch and Covid-19.

We’ve been working from our own home offices for the past 4 or so years so not too much has changed yet, but we do routinely get together for planning / design meetups which will be tricky for the time being.

Just in case it’s not clear by now, please please please stay at home and avoid people – to be honest it’s what I’ve done most of my life anyway.


As I’m sure you’re aware, we released Veritas a couple of months ago and other than a few whoopsies in a recent update it’s been well received by players and that’s all that really matters.

Who even needs millions of sales and widespread critical acclaim anyway, I mean how useful is money really?

We also now have some pre-made save files for each chapter so you can jump in wherever you want if you lose a save file for any reason –

Great Escapes

Anyone who’s been in our Discord, and if you haven’t why not?, will know that we’ve been working on a game called Great Escapes – a free-to-play pack based room escape game – and we’re very happy to say that it is now available on iOS, Google Play, and Amazon!

The history of this game is a little long-winded though – we actually started working on it late 2016/early 2017 and one of the rooms was simply called Bunker – a Cold War era fallout shelter, sound familiar?

We then decided we liked the setting too much and spun it out into its own game, adding quite a bit more to it, for it to become All That Remains: Part 1.

When developing ATR we had the idea for Veritas and were too excited about that to go back to GE * so then spent the next too long working on Veritas.

Which brings us back to the past couple of months where we got back to working on GE and here we are.

We really hope you like the game, it comes with one pack ( of three rooms ) for free and then you can purchase an additional pack if you want more. Over time we will be adding more packs, the first of which will be a Glitch Classics pack and here’s a sneak peek:

Glitch Classics pack – coming soon to a game near you!



Thanks again!

Simon & Graham

Stay at home, protect your health services, save lives!


* We may not be triple platinum but we feel our games are fundamental enough to warrant shorthands.