This post is written by Richard Moir, the composer extraordinaire behind the music for Forever Lost: Episode 2, Cabin Escape: Alice’s Story, Ferris Mueller’s Day Off, and the upcoming Forever Lost: Episode 3 and in his own words – 

I work as a camera operator at Spotlight Casting. I am currently writing my first feature film that will go into production later this year. I make music 🙂

I remember a lot of my friends disliking me because I share a similar talent to my Father, in that I can pick up most instruments and be playing them within minutes. Throughout my youth I learned the clarinet but stopped playing, and more recently taught myself how to play piano. And a few years ago, I randomly put some of my homemade, demo tracks online, which grabbed the attention of a man I had known for years, and his little company Glitch Games. Earlier in the day, suffering from anxiety, I was debating whether to even put my work online or not.

It was an honour to be asked to create a soundtrack for Forever Lost Episode 2. I had thoroughly enjoyed playing the first episode, even if I did get frustrated at puzzles I couldn’t quite manage. But it’s all part of the fun. And creating music is a huge part of my life. It comes second to filmmaking, but it’s still something I throw myself into and everything I make comes from the heart and passion for music.

Richard MoirLike I said before, I am a filmmaker, and have been since I made my first short film in 2007, ‘The Narrator’. I have worked on a number of films as writer/director, and sound and music always play a strong part in my projects. ‘My Life With(out) Her’, a short I directed in 2011, just had a piece by Moby playing over the top, with the song driving the film forward. In 2012, I made ‘Then We Are Together’, (named after a song itself) which focused on intricate sounds and musical themes. Film and music go hand in hand, and with a cinematic game like Forever Lost, creating a soundtrack was a joy.

I learned the clarinet when I was about 12 but gave it up before my GCSEs. Long enough to forget nearly everything I knew about reading music. After my Dad got a piano, I started teaching myself how to play Beethoven. I am influenced by the music of Philip Glass, Arvo Part, Carter Burwell and also motivated by how well my Dad can play the piano, and how he never had lessons either. I have never had a music lesson for the piano, or any instrument since around 2004. That may not be a shock to some of you…

After Forever Lost Episode 2 came out to great reviews for its gameplay, I was happy with the few that mentioned my music as a plus point. It drove my on as Graham and Simon asked me to create music for their next two games Ferris Mueller’s Day Off and Cabin Escape, the former being a much different challenge from the gloomy mood set in the Forever Lost world.

I have now been working on the Forever Lost Episode 3 soundtrack, and it is coming along slowly, but nicely.  Working with a company that makes such great games and who give me freedom with my music is very rewarding, for both them and me. While I am very excited at the prospect of working with Glitch again on future projects, I just can’t wait to get my hands on more of their puzzles.