One of the great things about focusing on making one single type of game, in our case adventure games, is that all our fans are very like minded as they are all fans of that genre and that got us thinking, is there any way we can get all our fans together so we can all become besties and talk about adventure games and life.

It turns out that buying a private island is a little over our budget right now, so unless any of our fans are secret Bond villains I guess we’ll have to go with Plan B.

Introducing Discord, a free group chat service designed for gamers. Now some of you may already have heard of Discord, and may already have accounts because you’re cool and hip and stuff, however we didn’t as we’re not, so we’re still learning the ropes of this cool thing.

So please come join us in our chat, it’s completely free and we’ll be in here most of the time. To signup and jump straight into our server please use this link –, and if you already have an account simply use this invite code to join – YK2wfeE