Simon and I started Glitch, all those years ago, with the intention to make mobile games, we weren’t sure what form those games would come in, only that they’d be on mobile devices. Fast forward about 3 months and we started working on what would become Forever Lost: Episode 1.

Even though we designed it specifically for mobile, we’d be lying if we said that some small part of us didn’t want it to be available on desktops as well. Alas, due to our engine choice, we could only develop for mobile. This wasn’t by accident, naturally as we wanted to focus on mobile development we wanted to use the tools that would allow us to do that well and we’re incredibly happy that we chose to go with the Corona SDK.

Fast forward again, this time to a few months ago, and Corona Labs, the company behind the Corona SDK, announced that a private beta was available for Mac/Windows development and naturally we jumped at the chance to try it out. We then spent the next month or so getting the games working on the new platforms.

To cut this short, we are very happy to say that all three episodes of the Forever Lost story, along with the short prequel Cabin Escape and the bizarre cousin that shows up at every family event Ferris Mueller, will be coming to Mac and Windows on the 1st of October, that’s this Thursday!

Long time fans of Glitch ( both of you! ) may have spotted that by way of a crazy random happenstance this is 3 years to the day that Forever Lost: Episode 1 was released on mobile, and trust me when I say this; this was not planned – we are in no way organised enough for that.

They will be available for the Mac App Store and at first, with hopefully more outlets coming in the future. If you wish for the games to be on GOG, please let them know!

We will post again on Thursday with the direct links to the games as soon as they are available.