We’ve had all our games available on desktops for a while now, via Itch.io and the Mac App Store, but we’ve always wanted to release them on Steam as well.

To that end, a few years ago we put Forever Lost: Episode 1 up on Steam Greenlight and thanks to the support of our awesome fans, that’s you lot!, it was successful.

Then, the Greenlight program ended and instead Valve create Steam Direct where developers can simply post their games after paying a fee.

However we then got too distracted with the release of A Short Tale, The Forgotten Room, All That Remains, and the continued development of Veritas.

So we’re now very happy to say that all three episodes are now available to wishlist and will be released for purchase very soon.

Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3

Please note; the work done to get the games on Steam was something that had to be done anyway, to these and all our games, to ensure they are all GDPR safe, so please don’t blame Forever Lost for the Veritas delay 🙂