Forever Lost is an entrant in three categories in the TIGA awards, please help us by voting for it.

It is very easy to do and you can see us in the categories here. All you have to do is click the following links to send four emails casting your votes for each category as well as Game Of The Year.

Action / Adventure
Game Design
Game Of The Year <—- This one is for members of the public 

We aren’t sure what has to be in the email itself, all that is important is that the Subject line stays the same. Feel free to simply put something like – “Please consider this my vote.” in the Body.

Please also share this around your workplace and anywhere else you can to help us win, would be really appreciated.

If the email link doesn’t work, you simply need to send an email to with the correct subject line:

  • VOTE: ACTION/ADVENTURE: Glitch Games – Forever Lost
  • VOTE: VISUAL GAME: Glitch Games – Forever Lost
  • VOTE: GAME DESIGN: Glitch Games – Forever Lost
  • VOTE: GAME OF THE YEAR: Glitch Games – Forever Lost

Update – It seems that voting is meant to be only for developers, the general public can ONLY vote for the Game Of The Year award and votes must be in before midnight October 12th ( we presume GMT ).