Last week we held Thursday Question Time however we swapped it around and instead of asking you lovely lot a single question, we had you ask us lots of questions, and it great fun!

We had so much fun with it that we have now decided to drop Thursday Question Time for good, and from its ashes #AskGlitch has been born, our new weekly Q&A sessions.

To join in it’s very simple, all you have to do is come join us in our Discord server – – and then ask us some questions during the weekly session.

The next session will be held on the 3rd of May at 1pm BST.

Currently each session time will rotate until we find one that can accommodate the most people. Each session time will be announced in advance and after a few sessions we’ll have hopefully worked out the best time to do it every week.

If you can’t make a session then don’t worry, all transcripts will be posted online after the session here, with last week’s transcript here.