To coincide with World Book Day we have released My Colourful Life.

Today you must make sure you read at least one book, treat yourself to a good one by downloading My Colourful Life on your iPad.

Experience life in a whole new way; through the eyes of a unique boy named Jack! My Colourful Life is an interactive story book like no other.

You and your child will enjoy reading the story together while you both discover, or rediscover, your sense of adventure by exploring all the pages to reveal what they have to offer.

  • Multiple modes – Story, Play and Learning.
  • Colourful pages to play and explore.
  • A unique and magical story.
  • Full voice narration.
  • Fun interactive objects.
  • Exciting puzzles and minigames to find and complete.
  • Lexical and Phonetic learning elements.

Experience our interactive learning mode, uniquely crafted to teach your child spelling, pronunciation and object recognition.

Enjoy fun puzzles and mini-games found throughout the book, from spot the difference to page exploration.

Also enjoy the professionally narrated story that will take you through the entire book from start to finish.

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