If you’re no more than a product of your own memories, what would happen if we took them away… Who would you trust if you couldn’t trust yourself? Are you even still you?

Veritas is a Mystlike adventure game that asks the question; what is truth, and does it even matter?



  • Innovative camera feature that allows players to photograph everything and use them to store notes to aide in puzzle solving.
  • A story that will draw you in and have you questioning everything you see.
  • Plenty of head scratchers but nothing illogical.
  • Beautiful soundtrack composed by Richard J. Moir.
  • Auto-save feature so that you never lose your progress.


Glitch Games
Glitch Games was founded in early 2012 by Simon Pearce and Graham Ranson, Simon was fresh out of university and full of hope and ambition whereas Graham, having graduated a couple of years prior, had lost all desire to work in the games industry proper.

They decided to combine this counter-productive mix of optimism and pessimism with their joint desire to ‘not get a real job’ so they could form, what they knew at the time, the greatest independent video game studio ever. Years later they would discover that this was foolish and would instead have to settle for 17th best.




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“modern masters of the somewhat lost art of adventure games”
Jared Nelson / Touch Arcade