Today we’re very happy to say that Recursion is now available on iOS, Google Play, and Amazon.

Desktop and Nintendo Switch releases will come soon too.

Waking up you’re alone, confused, hungry, and a little sad – just your usual Monday morning really – but wait, what’s that sound?

Oh f**k no, they’ve only gone and done it.

The machine’s been activated.

Equipped with just your wits and a prototype Chronologically Aware Memory Enhancement and Recall Appliance, or C.A.M.E.R.A. for short, you’re now in a race against time to shutdown the machine before the loop resets.

Solve puzzles, read strategically placed notes, press buttons, potentially die, and hopefully escape the worst Monday you’ve had in at least a week.

Rinse repeat.

The second instalment in the Glitch Broken Dreams Collection, Recursion is a compact mystery game chock-full of puzzles, secrets, and questions.