Since the release of All That Remains: Part 1 we’ve been working on a new game, which we’ll be properly announcing by the end of the week ( fingers crossed ), and we wanted to try something a little different ( for us at least ) with it.

We wanted to create a little bit of interest about the game before formally announcing it so on Monday we sent out a press release to a select group of the press in the guise of a company called Veritas Industries, we then followed this up later with an additional email later in the day.

However, naive as we are, we failed to take into account the very justified thoughts that go through people’s minds when they receive unsolicited press releases, especially from companies that purport to be in a completely different industry to the people that are receiving them; spam.

This press release, and follow up email, pointed readers to a website we have created for said company that has all kinds of interesting ( to us at least ) content for people to browse and dig through.

After posting on twitter about how our secret press release was a little too secret, AppUnwrapper saw and posted this article.

So if you’re interested in finding out a little bit about Veritas Industries before we announce our next game, please visit the completely legitimate and totally not made up corporate website and read our press release here.