Welcome to Thursday Question Time – our weekly chance to get some feedback from you guys whilst also getting to know you a little bit better.

It’s been a long time since we’ve put up a blog post and while we’re very sorry about that we think we have a good enough excuse that you’ll be able to forgive us; we’ve been working really hard on Forever Lost: Episode 3 and will even have some screenshots to show soon, the first screenshots of the game to date. We’re really excited about that.

We’re always trying to get better at posting on the blog but we never seem to find the time, we’re really going to try to fix that and get back into regular posting so on that note we would like to welcome you back to Thursday Question Time. This time though we’d actually like you to ask the questions, so if you have any at all ( about our games or anything really ) please do ask away!

Just give us a shout in the comments or via twitter/email/facebook/carrier pigeon, whatever seems appropriate!