Veritas Delayed Until 2019

First off, we’re sorry we’ve been a bit quiet on the Veritas front but that’s just because we’ve been very busy working on it. The game has proven to be more interesting than we originally thought and we didn’t want to rush it.

To that end, we are today announcing that Veritas will no longer be released in 2018, but rather it will now be released early 2019, and trust me, no one is more disappointed by this than us. This will mean that 2018 is the first year since we started that we haven’t released a game.

The reason for this delay is two fold, the first is that game-dev is hard, things happen, and games take longer than expected, but the second is that if making games is hard, selling them is next to impossible.

The last few months of the year aren’t the best to release a game in as generally it’s taken up by the large game releases and as such will make it hard for anyone to notice our game, so we took the hard decision to delay it to give it the chance we feel it deserves.

We want to continue making these types of games and to do that they need to sell, so in a way we’re being selfish with the delay so that Glitch can continue. So please just bear with us and help us make a better world.