Welcome to Weekly Roundup – our weekly recap of the week that was. Every Friday we will write a post detailing what we got up to in the week, if there is anything you would like us to focus on in these roundups please let us know!

This past week we’ve spent our time pretty evenly between two tasks, the first of which was Ferris Mueller’s Day Off. All the Ferris work has simply been getting the word out, or at least attempting to. Just in case you aren’t aware, we released it yesterday 🙂

We’ve had a scattering of reviews coming in and so far the results are mixed. Not to say that some people are really liking it whilst others are really disliking it, instead it seems that the majority of people are liking it however PocketGamer itself is mixed. On the one hand they posted a critical review but on the other hand they posted a full walkthrough and included us in their round up of the top 10 iOS games of the week and top 9 Android games of the week.

Please understand though that we aren’t taking issue with the critical review, all reviews are subjective because of their very nature so we aren’t taking anything to heart – we can take criticism – we’re just a little confused about the mixed messages.

On the plus side though we’ve had positive reviews from Stromstock, 148 Apps, IndieGames, The Chatroom, and AppUnwrapper who also wrote a fantastic walkthrough for those of you that are stuck. We’ve also been getting some great feedback from players and, perhaps most importantly, we ourselves love the game and are immensely proud of it.

There isn’t much point in posting about download figures yet as it’s only been a day, we hope to post some next week but can’t make any promises 🙂

The other important task we’ve been working on is Cabin Escape, this is our own take on the ‘Escape’ genre and it’s based in the same universe as the Forever Lost games. You won’t need to have played Forever Lost to enjoy the game, or vice versa, however both will compliment each other nicely and Cabin may even answer a few of your Forever Lost questions 🙂

Progress on Cabin has been going extremely well and we hope to have more to say about it very soon.