Welcome to Weekly Roundup – our weekly recap of the week that was. Every Friday we will write a post detailing what we got up to in the week, if there is anything you would like us to focus on in these roundups please let us know!

It was our first week back to the office after the extended Christmas break so Monday was predominately spent going through all the emails we never managed to get around to over the holiday. There were quite a few of them so Monday was pretty much a write off.

On Tuesday we finally managed to get Ferris Mueller’s Day Off submitted to Apple, this is actually a bittersweet milestone as the game itself was finished and ready to submit back in December. There was just one final part that needed to be ticked off our list, the song that gets played over the games ending cutscene. This may seem like a fairly trivial thing however for the game it is quite important, not just because it’s the ending but because of how the ending itself plays. This may not make much sense to you now when you’re reading this, but trust us when we say that we really wanted this song to be played over the top. It turns out though that music licensing is complicated and fairly expensive, we’ll touch on that in a later post as it deserves its own discussion.

After Ferris was submitted we got to work releasing the new site that you’re looking at this very minute. We had spent the holidays getting the new version ready but just had to make the transition. It went pretty smoothly for a Glitch product so we’re happy with that and so far the new look and feel has been well received which we’re really happy about.

Tuesday was also spent brainstorming Forever Lost: Episode 3. We already had a lot of ideas for this but we really wanted to spend a day sorting through everything and really making sure we had a coherent plan for what we were going to do with the 3rd episode.

We’ve spent the remainder of Wednesday working on the website, tidying up a few parts of it, fixing typos, that sort of thing whilst also working on release material for Ferris such as store descriptions, screenshots, and everything else that goes with it.

On Thursday we introduced our new weekly feature Thursday Question Time which has gone pretty well so far with some great responses, check it out here.

That brings us up to Friday, today, where we introduced Weekly Roundup, the post you’re reading now which hopefully I don’t have to recap. While writing this we just got the email saying that Ferris is now in review!

Please note though that this isn’t the only things that we’ve done this week, we also watched American Hustle at our local movie watching place as well as enjoyed our weekly Glitch movie night, this week we watched Dr. Strangelove. We also, as usual, played what is probably an unhealthy amount of Mario Kart 64.

We hope you enjoyed this post, we’re hoping to keep this up with posts every Friday but please be warned, not every week of our life is as riveting as one that includes music licensing and question asking.