Welcome to Weekly Roundup – our weekly recap of the week that was. Every Friday we will write a post detailing what we got up to in the week, if there is anything you would like us to focus on in these roundups please let us know!


It’s been a long time since we did a weekly roundup, our last was back in January, because we’ve been busy working on a little game, perhaps you’ve heard of it? Just incase you haven’t it is of course Forever Lost: Episode 3. To get it out of the way, no it’s not ready yet. It’s coming along very well though and we’re incredibly happy with our progress so far. We will have the first set of screenshots to show in the coming days and we can’t wait to hear what you think of them!

Before I go into what we’ve done this past week specifically I think it’s probably worth mentioning a few things that have happened in the world of Glitch since January. To be honest though, not much has happened. The one single big change is that in April we moved offices. We’re essentially just down the road from our previous offices. Other than that we’ve really just been focused on working on Episode 3, we did release a freemium version of Ferris Mueller to allow people to try-before-they-buy in case they were still undecided about it.

Now back to this past week, much like the past few months we’ve really just been working on episode 3, which includes getting the first screenshots ready for public consumption. However we’ve also been slowly moving forward on getting Episode 1 translated into a few different languages so that more people can enjoy it. This is still early stages yet but we hope to have more to say on that front soon. Yesterday we also posted another Thursday Question Time and this week we asked if you have any questions for us, so if you do please check it out and post away!