Music is a very important part of Forever Lost, it helps set the tone of the whole experience and elicits the various emotions we want the player to feel.

That being said, for Episode 1 we did not have the music created specially for the game. We spent over a week listening to countless pre-recorded tracks before settling on the ones in the game and we couldn’t be happier with our choices.

For Episode 2 though we really wanted to have a custom soundtrack written just for us so we turned to the extremely talented Richard J Moir, not only does he write and direct films he also makes music, very very nice music. He’s also a fan of Episode 1 and knew exactly what we were after.

Richard has written eight songs that fit the game perfectly. We are very excited to get them into your hands, well ears, and are planning on releasing them as an OST on our site if people would be interested in that sort of thing. If you are please get in touch!

As a little teaser here is the first 30 seconds of one of the tracks, titled “Effugere“:


If the above player doesn’t work the direct link to the track is here.

Also, if there any indie developers reading this that ever need music written please get in touch with Richard via his site or Twitter.