Step 1
Solve box puzzle in starting room. It’s an image of a camera.
Step 2
Pick up key from the desk on the right in the starting room.
Step 3
Use key on the toilet door in the starting room.
Step 4
Pick up screwdriver from the toilet.
Step 5
Use screwdriver on the vent in the starting room.
Step 6
Take the knife from the vent.
Step 7
Slice the mattress open to reveal a key.
Step 8
Use the key found in the mattress to exit the room.
Step 9
Pick up the mirror in patient room 2.
Step 10
Pick up the token on the desk in patient room 2.
Step 11
Remove painting from wall in patient room 3.
Step 12
Place mirror on the wall in patient room 3.
Step 13
Rotate mirror to reveal clue.
Step 14
Use clue from then mirror to search the appropriate book in the library.
Step 15
Pick up wrench from storage room.
Step 16
Remove the hot tap from the sink in patient room 2 with the wrench.
Step 17
Place the tap on the sink in the starting room toilet.
Step 18
Turn on the hot tap to reveal a clue.
Step 19
Use the token on the coin slot of the theater room ( opposite reception ).
Step 20
Answer the question in the theater room to obtain puzzle piece.
Step 21
Take a photo of the clue on the whiteboard in the waiting room.
Step 22
Use the whiteboard clue to unlock the box in patient room 3.
Step 23
Pick up the etching pencil from the desk in patient room 3.
Step 24
Pick up the keys from the desk in patient room 3.
Step 25
Use the etching pencil on the notepad in reception.
Step 26
Use the information from the notepad to gain access to the reception computer.
Step 27
Use the computer system in reception to open the metal door in reception.
Step 28
Unlock the reception cabinet with the key from patient room 3.
Step 29
Take the circuit board from reception cabinet.
Step 30
Use the circuit board on the power box outside reception to gain access to solitary confinement.
Step 31
Complete circuit board puzzle outside solitary confinement to gain access.
Step 32
Pick up the keyboard from the floor of solitary confinement.
Step 33
Plug in the keyboard from solitary confinement to the computer in the office.
Step 34
Use the the clue from the poster in the office to perform a Glitch search.
Step 35
An image on the computer reads: ‘good things come to those who wait.’ So, wait at the computer for the screensaver to appear.
Step 36
Move the office lamp to reveal a key. Pick it up.
Step 37
Use the key to open the filing cabinet.
Step 38
Search the filing cabinet for pin code A.
Step 39
Play the iCeption game on the iPad in the waiting area.
Step 40
Collect the key from the Tilda’s house in iCeption.
Step 41
Collect the lantern fuel from the deepest parts of the enchanted forest.
Step 42
Collect the lantern from the fields of Lowrule.
Step 43
Navigate the forgotten caves with the lantern.
Step 44
Take a photo of the radio clue on the table in the waiting area.
Step 45
Place the plastic dial obtained from ‘hint #22’ on the reception radio.
Step 46
Change the radio station to match the clue from ‘hint #40’.
Step 47
Use the music playing on the radio station from ‘hint #42’ to solve the glockenspiel puzzle in the nursery.
Step 48
Pick up the puzzle piece from the drawer under the glockenspiel.
Step 49
Pick up the key card from the drawer under the glockenspiel.
Step 50
Take a photo of dot-to-dot puzzle scribbled on the left wall in solitary confinement.
Step 51
Use the key card on the door adjacent to the storage room.
Step 52
In the key card room; one door requires two keys to be ‘turned at the same time’.
Step 53
Change the clocks in the reception and the keycard room to the same time.
Step 54
With the clocks set to the same time the keys can be turned.
Step 55
Use the buttons on the control system to manipulate the light angles and reveal pin code B.
Step 56
Pick up the glasses from the room to the left of the clock situated in the key card room.
Step 57
Use the glasses on the special symbols to reveal Zodiac symbols.
Step 58
Use the glasses on the book in the room where the glasses were found to reveal the first Zodiac symbol.
Step 59
Use the glasses on the banana in patient room 2 to reveal the second Zodiac symbol.
Step 60
Travel to the west of the Enchanted forest in the iCeption game and use the glasses reveal the third Zodiac symbol.
Step 61
Use the glasses on the first page in the filing cabinet to reveal the fourth Zodiac symbol.
Step 62
Use the pin codes from ‘hint #35’, ‘hint #38’ and ‘hint #48c’ to deactivate the laser door.
Step 63
Take a photo of the image in red paint on the coridor wall just outside of the theater room.
Step 64
Use the clue to solve the circle door lock puzzle beyond the laser door.
Step 65
Pick up the ‘Arrival of the Birds’ book from the floor.
Step 66
Take the puzzle piece from the room with cardboard cutout.
Step 67
Turn off light in the planetarium to reveal clues.
Step 68
Use the clues from planetarium to unlock the box in the storage room.
Step 69
Take the UV torch from the box in the storage room.
Step 70
Use the UV torch in the room behind the reception.
Step 71
Solve the hieroglyphic puzzle up the steps in the keycard area.
Step 72
Enter the correct combination of hieroglyphs obtained from ‘hint #14’, ‘hint #18’, ‘hint #46’ and ‘hint #57’.
Step 73
Add the puzzle pieces obtained from: ‘hint #20’, ‘hint #39d’, ‘hint #44’ and ‘hint #54’ to the puzzle board on the floor in the nursery.
Step 74
Solve the glasses puzzle situated behind the vertically raising stone door using the clues from ‘hint #50a’, ‘hint #50b’, ‘hint #50c’ and ‘hint #50d’.
Step 75
Place the Arrival of the Birds book on the bottom shelf of the bookcase in the library.
Step 76
Push in the appropriate books using the the book title clues from ‘hint #34’, ‘hint #58’, ‘hint #59’ and ‘hint #60’
Step 77
Escape! And then return for Episode 2.