Monthly archive for November2017

Introducing the new and shiny Glitch camera

At the tail end of last year I wrote about the much needed upgrade to our aging inventory system and now, two games later, I’d say we were very happy with how it’s been working. When we started working on our new game, Veritas, we…

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Announcing Veritas, the latest adventure game from the creators of Forever Lost

On Wednesday we told you about Veritas Industries, the completely legitimate and not at all made up science company that was looking for human volunteers to take part in the final stages of the Insomnium Project and today we are very excited to tell you…

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Subjects Wanted for Human Trials of Insomnium Project

Since the release of All That Remains: Part 1 we’ve been working on a new game, which we’ll be properly announcing by the end of the week ( fingers crossed ), and we wanted to try something a little different ( for us at least…

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