At the tail end of last year I wrote about the much needed upgrade to our aging inventory system and now, two games later, I’d say we were very happy with how it’s been working.

When we started working on our new game, Veritas, we decided it was about time to upgrade the other big system in our games, the photo album.

Our photo album has been central to our games ever since the first Forever Lost and hasn’t changed all that much since then.

As a quick summary, for anyone that stumbles upon this post who hasn’t played any of our games ( how dare you! ), our photo album allows you to take photos of anything in the game, be it a puzzle, clue, story element, or anything else that takes your fancy, and then doodle notes all over them. This allows you to keep track of everything without lugging around pen and paper wherever you go.

Much like the inventory system we gave it a full rewrite under the hood when we moved to Serenity however left the aesthetics and features of it much the same.

We’ve now brought the album right up to the modern age, or at least whenever cover flow was considered modern that is. I guess we’re a couple years late on that but never mind.

Please note, nothing here is final, so all UI elements are either placeholder, or leftover from our previous game. Everything is subject to change. Please also excuse the poor quality of the gifs.


Please let us know what you think!