Update: For those landing on this page, this game has now been renamed to All That Remains.

We’ve been a little quiet since the release of The Forgotten Room last year, however that’s because we’ve been working on a number of new games, the first of which we’re very happy to announce today!

As you’ve probably guessed, it’s called The Bunker, and – spoiler alert – it may focus around a bunker of some sort.

It will be releasing this year but we don’t have a solid date yet, and more screenshots and info will be released here in time.

And, for those of you paying close attention, you may have noticed that I said we were working on a number of new games. Please rest assured that that number isn’t simply “1”, but in fact it’s actually closer to “3”. It’s 3. Yes, 3 new games, including The Bunker, are being worked on by us if different stages of development.