UPDATE: We have had so many requests we can’t possibly take any more, our inbox is overflowing 🙂 Please see this post for info – https://www.glitch.games/so-many-testers/

Yes you read that right, Forever Lost: Episode 3 is now ready for beta testing and you know what that means … we need beta testers!

Sadly though, we can’t accept everyone that wants to be a tester as we just wouldn’t be able to manage that many. To that end we have some things that you need to know before applying:

  • This is a broken build. Although we’re pretty happy with it, there will be bugs that will affect your experience. If you are hoping to be a tester simply to play the game before the general public, please do not apply.
  • You will be required to provide feedback to us, as much as possible, during your time with it. This will be anything you can think of, little and big, that you think we should know. If you don’t think you will be able to do this, please do not apply.
  • The final ending of the game will not be in these builds, if all you want to do is see that, please do not apply.
  • If you are planning to test on Android then you will need to have a Google+ account, chances are you have one as Google pretty much make you nowadays however you may not actually use it. We will need to know what email address you use for that in order to get the builds to you. So if you don’t have a G+ account, please do not apply.
  • You will most likely have to play through the game multiple times after we provide new updated builds so that we can guarantee issues have been fixed, if you don’t think you’ll be able to do that then, well you get the idea.

Assuming you match all those criteria and really believe you will be able to put some time into helping make Forever Lost awesome then that’s fantastic!

We’re incredibly grateful that we have anyone that wants to play these games when they’re on the store let alone play broken builds just to help us so thanks to everyone!

There is one other thing we will need to know and that is what device, or devices, you’ll be able to test on. As we want to target as many devices, both iOS and Android, as possible we will need to know as much about your devices as you can like what version of OS are you running and what is the name of the device.

If you’ve got this far then chances are you really want to test the game and fit all the criteria, that’s awesome! Please send an email to testers@glitchgames.co.uk listing what devices you have etc and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We hope to have the build ready to go sometime next week.

For helping us test the game you will be included in the credits, giving you street cred and cool points to brag about to all your friends. 🙂