UPDATE: The Greenlight is now live! Please go here and vote yes – glitchgam.es/steam – also, tell your friends 🙂

On the 10th of February, that’s Wednesday next week, we will be publishing the Greenlight page for Forever Lost: Episode 1.

In case you aren’t aware, to get a game onto Steam you have to go through Greenlight which is a community powered voting system. Basically a popularity contest for games, and the popular ones get allowed into the party.

So one day before the release of A Short Tale we will be publishing our Greenlight page and we’d really love if you Vote Yes when the times comes.

Now, we’re not saying that if people don’t vote yes then we won’t release A Short Tale, no that would be mean. Not saying that at all, but, you know… accidents happen. Sometimes game releases just disappear, for seemingly no reason.

We would seriously appreciate it if everyone could mark the date in their calendars and share this post with everyone that will listen, the more votes we get on the same day the higher chance we have of getting the game into the party!

When the Greenlight is live we will update this post with a link, as well as posting again just to make sure everyone knows about it.