Welcome to Thursday Question Time – our weekly chance to get some feedback from you guys whilst also getting to know you a little bit better.

A couple of weeks ago we asked you if you’d be interested in Forever Lost t-shirts and the answer seems to have been a resounding yes.

There were lots of cool ideas for merchandise items but first we think we will go with a t-shirt as they are fairly universally loved and their are t-shirt printing services available that work in a similar way to a crowd-funding campaign; we design a t-shirt and set a minimum number of orders ( i.e. our target ) and then the campaign runs for a set number of days and at the end if enough people have pledged to buy a t-shirt they all get printed.

In connection with our decision to get some t-shirts printed this way we need to know: What design would you like on a Forever Lost T-Shirt?

Due to only being able to run a campaign with a single design we want to know what the most popular design would be, we will then mock up some ideas and get further feedback from you.